Looking to 2020: September is Ethics Month

Ethics must be included in every decision we make. This applies to both the workplace and our social/personal lives.  Ethics is part of the fabric that creates our relationships on every level – clients, coworkers, employers, family and friends.
As the WV Chapter’s former Ethics Director, I recommend reading two articles that have recently appeared in PRSay publication. You may find these online at the PRSA national site.
1) Ethics, Copyright and PR Practice: Ethical and Legal Considerations for Communicators by Cayce Myers, Ph.D., APR
2) Bringing Your Whole Self to Ethical Behavior by Karen Swim, APR
Several studies have shown that ethics is enhanced by achieving PRSA accreditation. For the 40 years that I have been a member of this chapter, I and others have emphasized the significance of ethical behavior and performance; plus, encouraged and helped other members earn their APR or College of Fellows status. Therefore, we are again making a plea to all of our non-accredited members to please work toward making this one of your goals in 2020. Every current accredited PRSA member is available for questions; not just in WV, but nationwide. National has study materials available, or – as in previous years – a WV study group can be formed to assist your preparation.